Saturday, December 22, 2007


Fernando, who currently whiles away his days in Barcelona, was born towards the end of 1940's in Havana, Cuba. Always know to the world as a bastard, a status which he originally earned (but later learnt to wear with pride) as a result of his untimely and irregular arrival in this world, an arrival which left his father with little option but to abandon his common law wife - who subsequently fell victim to temptation and took her own life - in order to move his new 'family' back to the 'old continent' to accompany and care for his young, but widowed, English lover. Fernando's father - an accomplished classicist in name and fervent traditionalist by nature - settled in Spain under the pull of a profound admiration he felt for the erotic paranoia of the Franco regime.

Indeed Fernando received a stern classical education at the hands of his father, against whom he was always somewhat in rebellion. Meantime he has never really been able to forgive his mother for having drawn him from his native land, from which he fears he will now be in permanent exile.