Friday, June 02, 2006

Alvaro dos Campos

Born in the city of Taviras, Campos studied naval engineering in Glasgow and travelled widely through the East before settling in Lisbon and founding — alongside Mario de Sá Carneiro and Fernando Pessoa — the avant-garde magazine Orfeu and Portugal Futurista. His 1915 futurist Ultimatum to Europe proclaims the advent of a perfect and mathematical humanity, contingent on the purging of Europe's aesthetic and political ills — among them George Bernard Shaw, "vegetarian of paradox, charlatan of sincerity, cold tumour of Ibsenism." Impressed by the force and ambition of Campos' "Triumphal Ode," Impressed by the force and ambition of Campos' works, Mario de Sa Carneiro, ventured that Campos' poetry would outlast his own. Campos did Pessoa's travelling for him.

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